250 grams/8.8 ounces ground or whole bean

Available in light, medium, or dark 


This coffee comes from a social enterprise. It was started after the founder had been working within the juvenile detention centers in Northern Thailand. After years of working with young people, he discovered that many of them had families connected to coffee farms. 


For many reasons, the young people were not engaged in the family work of farming.
This company was started to help get the young people reconnected with their families and their villages. 

Working directly with them, they help them on the path to living new lives.

In addition to partnering with coffee farming families as their young people come out of detention, they also provide job training and personal development in a family-oriented halfway house program.

Countless young people have had a chance at a new life as a result of the sales of this coffee. 


Your purchase helps support the continuation of this life and community transforming project.

Northern Thailand HillTribe Coffee

Bean Type
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